About The Goddess Mercado: Organizing, empowering, uplifting, building, and promoting entrepreneurship within our underrepresented Latin women, youth, and queer communities. Our volunteers assist with branding, logo, graphic design, mobile boutique presentation, marketing and more. Our organization creates opportunities for your youth to express themselves, creatively, lucratively, and with the support of our local community and schools. The women of the goddess mercado are encouraged to support each other by helping each other with set up, buying from each other, and promoting each other. The intention of the mercado is to create a permanent safe space where our community of vendors and supporters are able to gather, meet and celebrate for we know this strengthens community.   The Goddess Mercado was created by Diana Diaz. She recruited 14 local women and founded their first marketplace in City Terrace, April 2021.  The Goddess Mercado gave birth to The Queer Mercado July 2021 and The Goddess Mercado Boutique during October 2021.  If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring one of the youth applicants, please email us at thegoddessmercado@gmail.com



Diana Diaz M.S. PPS CWA -Board Chair- Founder

Martin Gamez - Treasurer

Gaudencio Marquez MSW - Media Host- Co-Founder

Ryan Montez- Entertainment Coordinator Co-Founder



Mexichic Crafts

In the making Los Angeles

Hilda Solis Learning Academy'

Casa de Larquez