A safe and inclusive community marketplace

A mercado that empowers and inspires. A community that promotes entrepreneurship and creativity within our under-represented Latinx youth.

Welcome to The Goddess Mercado, a vibrant hub of creativity, empowerment, and entrepreneurship rooted in the rich tapestry of Mexican culture. Our mission is to organize, uplift, and promote underrepresented Latin women, youth, and queer communities, fostering a supportive environment where dreams flourish and aspirations take flight.

Within the enchanting realm of The Goddess Mercado, our dedicated volunteers provide invaluable assistance in branding, graphic design, and mobile boutique presentation, nurturing the growth of budding entrepreneurs. Here, youth are encouraged to unleash their creativity and realize their potential, basking in the embrace of our local community and schools.

At the heart of The Goddess Mercado beats a spirit of sisterhood, where women support each other through collaborative efforts, from setting up stalls to patronizing each other's businesses and amplifying each other's voices. Together, we cultivate a sanctuary of inclusivity and celebration, knowing that our unity fortifies the bonds of our community.

Founded by the visionary Diana Diaz, The Goddess Mercado blossomed from a shared vision of empowerment. With the guidance of 14 local women, our inaugural marketplace emerged in the vibrant streets of City Terrace in April 2021, heralding a new era of possibility. From this fertile ground sprouted The Queer Mercado in July 2021 and The Goddess Mercado Boutique in October 2021, each a testament to our unwavering commitment to diversity and innovation.

If you're curious about sponsoring one of our talented youth applicants or simply want to learn more about our mission, we invite you to connect with us at thegoddessmercado@gmail.com. For direct correspondence with Diana, reach out to mexichiccrafts@gmail.com, and join us as we weave together the threads of empowerment, creativity, and community at The Goddess Mercado.

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Application 2023 - CLOSED
Application 2024- Opens February 2024


Permanent brick and mortar is an extension of our open air marketplace.

Wednesdays- Sundays 12pm-6pm

5384 Huntington Drive, Los Angeles CA 90032